Question of the Month May 2018

The latest Question of the Month is set by Pix1001 over at Shoot the Rookie. This one has left me daydreaming of a holiday… if only. Anyway Pix asks us “if you could live in any video game settlement (ie a town, village, city etc), where would you choose to live and why; and what role would you play in it?“.


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When Is A Game Truly Complete?

I had been pondering this question for a while as I looked at what percentage complete some of my games were. The problem with completion is that there are so many different ways to consider a game complete, and you don’t have to complete a game just because you have started it. I am a bit of a perfectionist so you would think that this would mean that I need a game to be 100% complete but don’t be so sure.

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Sunshine Blog Award 3

I was struggling to come up with a blog post for this week, never mind the two I had hoped for, until I remembered that TWOTALL4UFOOL had nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award ages ago and I could finally get round to answering those questions. So thank you for the award and for giving me something to write this week. Also if you aren’t familiar with TWOTALL4UFOOL’s blog then go check it out for thoughts and reviews on games and tech.

So as part of the blog award there are some rules, as I had mentioned in my previous award posts, but let’s make a note of them again.

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blog Award log in your post and/or on your blog.

I got 11 questions to answer so let’s get down to it.

1. What is the most important thing you have learnt since you started blogging?

There are a few I could suggest here but I think the most important is to remember to be true to yourself and continue to write for you, which may not necessarily always be what readers want but you need to like what you produce. Also I want to mention that inspiration can come from anywhere and to get involved in the community as the community is fantastic.

2. Is there anything you want to do with your blog that you haven’t done yet?

Plenty! I kept my options open when I started the blog, everything quite plain and simple with my headers and logos on social media as plain as the blog look. I didn’t want to risk spending ages on something that I then decided wasn’t for me. Then I had a slight quiet period in October/November when there was a lot of personal stuff going on. Going through that made me realise how much I loved blogging as I missed it when I wasn’t active, even though I was only a new blogger at the time. Anyway going back to the question at hand, yes there is lots to do with the blog that I haven’t yet starting with the design of it including the header and logo I use on social media. I want to be consistent in branding and for it all to look a bit better than my blog name typed in Paint. I just need some time and skill to do this. I also want to do things like a 30 day challenge, maybe some collaborations and try to get myself into a regular posting schedule. This is all probably going to take some time, I don’t know when it will be done but someday hopefully.

3. What are some of your favourite blogs to read?

I may have mentioned them a few times before and I think nominated them all for various blog awards but my top 10 blogs, in no particular order, are Later Levels, Adventure Rules, Dragon’s Tea Party, Lightning Ellen’s Release, Shoot the Rookie, Thero159’s A Reluctant Hero, A Geeky Gal, OverThinker Y, Hundstrasse and GamersUnitedGG. I could seriously list so many more but cut it at 10. There are just so many great blogs out there.

4. Have you ever done a guest post for any other blogs out there?

Not yet, but never say never.

5. If you weren’t blogging as your full time job or hobby, what would you be doing?

I’m by no means a full time blogger but if I wasn’t blogging as a hobby I would still be playing games and trying to talk to people about it. I’d probably find some extra time for some of my other hobbies though if I wasn’t spending that time writing for this blog.

6. If the two of us were to play a video game together which one would it be?

I like a mix of games so as long as you weren’t hoping to play a horror game I would be ok. I’d probably suggest some form of racing game as that is nice and competitive and a good laugh. That or Sea of Thieves so we could sail the seas together and get lots of treasure.

7. Besides blogging and your niche what are your other hobbies/interests?

Lots of different arts and crafts and taking photos. My go to craft at the moment, if I have the time, is cross stitch as it requires the least work space compared to the others. I really need a good table or desk for some of the other craft things. I am also partial to building Lego sets as they are so much fun.

8. What do you like about my blog?

I like your passion as it is clear that you enjoy what you blog about. I also like the design for your blog as I think it works nicely for you. I also really like that you highlight other blogs and YouTubers on your blog to showcase the community and maybe someone will find a blog/YouTube channel that they didn’t know about before because of you.

9. If we were to go to a concert together who would we see perform?

I’m not very up to date when it comes to music so don’t expect much from me on this question. That said I would probably choose someone that I (badly) sing along to when I hear their songs on the radio or I put their music on. That person is Olly Murs.

10. What is your favourite thing to watch on TV?

I really enjoy crime dramas. I’m currently rewatching Criminal Minds as I love it. Sure it may not be the happiest of programmes but it is so good.

11. What do you enjoy the most when it comes to blogging?

I love the community of bloggers. They are the best bit. I love writing and putting my posts out there (and playing games and counting it as research), but easily the most enjoyable bit is interacting with the community. Seeing what everyone else is up to and writing about is fantastic as well.

I’m going to cheat with this one though. I will pose questions (which I am also slightly cheating with) but I am not nominating anyone else. I honestly can’t remember who I have nominated before and I don’t want to duplicate. However, if you wish to answer the questions below hello dear reader you can consider yourself nominated. Do link back to me so I know who (if anyone) has answered my questions as I want to know what you say.

The questions I leave are:

1. What’s the most important thing you have learnt since you started blogging?

2. What is the best bit about blogging for you?

3. Do you have any blog goals for this year and if so what are they?

4. If you were able to blog full time would you?

5. What inspired you to start blogging?

6. Is there anything you want to do with your blog that you haven’t done yet?

7. What is the last game you played?

8. What is your favourite game that you have played this year so far (doesn’t need to be a 2018 release)?

9. What game surprised you the most?

10. What is a game you thought you would enjoy but didn’t?

11. Is there a game that you haven’t finished yet but want to, if so what is it?

Let me know if anyone answers my questions.

Being female in gaming

A month ago Sea of Thieves was released on Tuesday 20th March. This is a great game to play with friends, however I tried it alone on the weekend after release. Well the Sunday in particular, with a very dodgy wrist so I was holding my controller in a really weird way just to try it. I decided as at that point I had no friends online who were playing it, and had only come across one person online that I alluded to here, I went to Looking for Group. This is a very useful feature on Xbox One and I have used it before but this experience left me feeling a bit cold and reminded me of a conversation I had had a while before.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

This is a wonderful game that begins so simply but is so effective the whole way through. Here you follow Edith as she tries to find out family stories and the truth about her family tree that only going back to her house, the house she grew up in, could answer. You got to see how some of the Finch family lived and died through their eyes and stories.

What Remains of Edith Finch is a game that had been on my “to buy” and “to play” lists for a while. I finally got round to playing it recently and it is a wonderful and emotional experience from start to finish.

Game: What Remains of Edith Finch

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Developer: Giant Sparrow

Platform: Xbox One, also available on PS4 and PC.

Release date: 25th April 2017 (PC and PS4), 19th July 2017 (Xbox One)

You follow Edith, the last remaining member of the terminally unlucky Finch family, as she journeys back to the house she grew up in to get some answers to questions that she had. Questions that only the house held the answers to.

Once you make your way into the house you see that it isn’t exactly a normal household as all the bedrooms were sealed up, although you could look into these rooms from the outside using peepholes. This is such a unique way of finding out about some of the family from what you imagine, before you can make your way into each of these bedrooms through secret passages and entrances.

Following Edith around this house gives you a unique insight into what had happened in the past and how much she knew and what she believed. You get Edith’s perspective on her family and the house, what happened and what she remembered as she tried to piece some more of the information together.

Some of the words that Edith says are written on screen and the way they appear and disappear is so beautiful in parts. Swept away by a kite, disappear like smoke up the fireplace, fade into nothingness. What she says forms the story, the story she is telling of her family’s past and the story her family members are telling of what happened to them. Memories of my brother, the twin of a lost boy writes a poem. An apology and a divorce. The mourning husband and wife are driven apart. A story in a comic written about the loss of someone who dreamt of fame. The way you see each member of the Finch family live and die is so poignant and carefully done.

The credits are beautiful. I loved seeing them like family photos on a wall. The pride of parents showing off their kids except this is the game having pride in its artists, writer’s, producers, and so on. Watch them scroll on your screen and then see the final photo on the fridge. Your family. The true Finch family. Those who brought Edith and the rest of the Finch family to life.

Ending the game isn’t the end. At least not for me, a few days after I was still thinking about this game and Edith and her family. Thinking about the stories I had been shown. Thinking about the ending. Thinking about my family because of it. That is the simple power of this game. It is a beautiful, carefully written, perfectly captured story that leaves some lasting memories and marks on you. Thank you to the writer’s and all involved in this game for the opportunity to play it. If you haven’t yet, please go play it.

And remember as Edith says “be amazed that any of us ever had a chance to be here at all”.

Have you played What Remains of Edith Finch? Let me know in the comments.